Student Comments of the Flight Test Project

Students Presenting to SFTE Members

Student Comments from doing the Flight Test Project

The following are comments on what students liked about the project, from ninth graders who completed the flight test project and then presented their results to flight test engineers and test pilots in the spring of 2019 at Raisbeck Aviation High School. 

“It was a great experience to present to professional pilots and engineers.  I learned a lot about calculating distance and presenting has helped a lot to understanding the calculations.”

“The mathematical relationships and how they tie in with the real world and not just some random word problem, it deepened my understanding of the math since it put it in a more tangible form.”

“Dealing with the data was my favorite part of the project.  I learned the most during the project after failing multiple flight tests and started using the plane’s cockpit controls.”

“I don’t plan on becoming a flight tester, but I liked how much insight it gave me on how much has to be done to effectively test a plane and collect data.  I know what we have done in class was on a smaller scale, yet it does give us at least some experiences as what it would be like.”

“I liked the independent feeling of the flight testing because it made the testing feel a bit more important because of the stakes that were placed onto it.”

“I especially liked the amount of mathematical relationships and the solutions to each of them.  They helped me learn the physics the most by quantifying them, which makes them understandable.”